Test Automation Frameworks: Getting Started

A Test Automation Framework provides a way to test your application programmatically, so manual tasks of application testing are reduced. It can be as simple as a shell script running few commands together – or bit more complex like running a series of scenarios that perform end-to-end application testing.

A Test Automation Framework can be developed with different languages like JavaScript, Python, Java or C# and it uses few common libraries to perform the required automation. For example, in case of web-testing, we commonly use Selenium or JavaScript frameworks to perform browser based automation.

A Test Automation Framework is a conduit for enabling continuous testing in your Agile environment. An Agile model should include incremental and tested deliverables in each Sprint cycle. A Test Automation Framework enables this Agile behavior and moves the organization towards a Test Driven Development.

Take a look at our resources section to understand basics of test automation and few common examples and demonstrations.

Well, it depends a lot on your application. Each test framework is built to suit the needs of the corresponding application. Test frameworks can be classified based on different languages they are written, such as, JavaScript test frameworks, Python Test Frameworks and so-on or they can be classified based on different stages of test targeting – such as, unit test framework, integration test framework, performance test framework etc.

Either way – the testing needs of the application define what needs to be part of the Test Automation Framework. We offer a free comprehensive analysis of your testing needs and come up with a plan that is suitable to your project. Whether you are working on web-application, mobile-application, REST APIs or an embedded project, our test solutions will meet your needs.

A lot of companies we meet have some Automation Scripts to test their software. These scripts cover some aspects of the application under test, but are by no means comprehensive. They are also dissimilar from each other in terms of running them, maintaining them or integrating them into a CI system. When it comes time to add a new scenario to these scripts, it usually involves writing and implementing the scenario from ground-up.

A test framework on the other hand is a well designed piece of Software with reasonable complexity and a lot of lower-level helper libraries to allow for adding scenarios easily. All scenarios in the test framework follow similar paradigm in terms of running these scenarios, maintaining these scenarios and integrating them with a CI system. In an Agile environment, it is critical to be able to write test scenarios for features developed during a Sprint cycle and Test Framework enables to do this.

Selenium WebDriver based test development is probably the most common method for web-testing. Selenium offers browser automation functionality and is supported through all languages: Java, JavaScript, Python, C# etc. There are several other methods of browser automation, especially in JavaScript that are probably more effective for a JavaScript based Test Automation Framework.

An Test Automation Framework is very different than writing few automation scripts. Automation Framework requires using the same software design and development skills – that the application development requires. We need to identify common scenarios and abstractions to build a reusable and maintainable test automation framework. The test automation framework should be flexible enough to support easily adding new test scenarios. Contact us to learn more about your QA environment options and efficient ways to manage it.

We specialize in Test Automation Frameworks development – whether it is for web-testing, mobile application testing, REST API testing or enterprise application testing. We also have several custom built embedded/IOT testing solutions that we can leverage for your IOT Product testing.

We support most languages (Python, Java, JavaScript, C# and C/C++) and have ability to provide QA resources that scale with your project needs. Our automation engineers are specialized in their corresponding fields and languages. We can also work on Unit test frameworks, Performance test frameworks or Manage your QA environment.

BDD (Behavior Driven Development) Testing is a branch of Acceptance Test Driven Development, wherein user behavior scenarios are written along with user stories in plain English (in Given, When, Then syntax). The test scenarios are high level definitions of what the feature should implement. The feature development then takes care of implementing the feature to adhere to the test definition. This enables Test Driven Development.

Is BDD useful for my organization? Well that depends very much on the organization and its Agile practices. We still recommend BDD Testing Framework in your organization, even though you may not follow full-blown end-to-end Agile BDD development paradigm. BDD testing provides feature specific test reports dashboard which we find very useful in identifying product health.

The language and paradigm to be used for the test framework is less important than having a comprehensive view of what needs to be accomplished. There are several test frameworks in different languages that can be used to achieve the right results for your project.

We have helpful resources on several Test Automation Frameworks we have developed. You can look at our JavaScript based Test Frameworks, Python Based Test Frameworks, Embedded/IOT Test Frameworks, Selenium Based Test Frameworks or BDD/Cucumber based Test Frameworks.

Our primary expertise is in Jenkins, Travis and Gitlab CI systems. However, depending upon your needs, we can also work with other CI systems needed for your project. We also have good experience in CircleCI, Bamboo, TeamCity and Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

Whatever CI system you use – the primary functions that the CI system should provide – are the key aspects of our work. We create a robust process for managing job triggers, staging environments, test reporting, code pipelines and deployments.

Our most common engagement model is an on-demand project for Test Automation Framework development. Usually client is aware of what they need, and we help implement the solution for them. We have onsite Software Architect and/or Project manager to drive the project requirements. Depending on the client and project needs, actual project development can happen onsite or at our offshore offices.

We also provide Managed QA Services which allow us to work in a more dynamic Agile/Scrum environment – where the requirements are changing frequently or the software product is changing frequently. We provide managed QA services either through T&M basis or through a fixed monthly costs model.

Our typical hourly rates are between $60-$80 per hour. This rate depends upon the automation engineer experience, test framework language, framework complexity and whether the resource is offshore or onsite. The rates mentioned above is a average hourly rate considering all these factors.

Use our which will provide you with a pretty accurate estimate based on your project parameters. You will receive an accurate estimate, few of our recent sample projects and a customized proposal for your project. Why wait,

Our goal is to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our project delivery and will re-engage with us in future for further projects. That’s why we provide complete and immediate support after the project is complete. Our support turnaround is within 24 hours.

We also offer Managed QA Services SLA, which support not only to fix any test framework related issues – but also to keep adding new test scenarios, test cases and work on improving test automation process enhancements on a continuous basis.

We typically see that a Test Automation Framework provides tremendous value for the investment. QA/QC Cycles are reduced in time, manual testing efforts are reduced, bugs are caught early and reliably, and we can perform comprehensive testing on each release and/or check-in.

During the first year of test framework development – we usually see a ROI of 70%-80% in terms of efficiency improvements and quicker release cycles. From second year onwards, we typically see 120-150% returns annually. From a process improvement perspective – a QA Automation Framework can greatly add value to your organization.

Our website has a lot of resources on automation testing that you can find here. SauceLabs has a great section on Automation testing on their website here. If you are looking for determining what framework would be suitable for your environment, contact us and we can get you started.

We have compiled a list of tools which are installed on most of our testers work computer here. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Test Automation Frameworks: Our Services

We provide services for building Test Automation Frameworks – for web-applications, mobile applications, REST APIs, Embedded IOT Applications and Enterprise applications. Our solutions are well-designed and robust and we have excellent references from all our previous engagements.

Recent Projects and Case Studies

We have worked on over a 40 QA automation frameworks in the last few years and below are few of our recent case studies. Our strong expertise is in QA automation framework development using Python, JavaScript and Java.


QA Automation Framework for Embedded Web App and REST APIs.


Our Team worked with the client to create a web-application and corresponding QA Automation Framework for an embedded sensors device. The web-app was developed with Angular5, HTML/BootStrap; and corresponding QA Automation Framework was developed using Python, Selenium and BDD. More.


QA Automation Framework for SaaS web-service for Medical Policy Management


MCN Healthcare provides medical policy management services. Our team to develop an QA automation framework for their primary product – Policy Manager. As part of this effort, we implemented an end-to-end Test Automation and a CI/CD Framework, allowing MCN to reduce QA time substantially. More.


Secure Cloud Sharing Web Application and Test Framework


ZFyre is a Longmont based startup providing enterprise cloud data storage solutions. Our team designed, developed and published their secure MVP app. This app included data compression using ZStd, custom security encryptions and RackSpace API integrations. This web application was developed in Angular and BootStrap on Front End. Backend was developed using NodeJS and MongoDB. More.


Student Finance Mobile App and Test Framework


MVP Finance is a Longmont based startup providing educational software in Finance field to different colleges. Our team developed the entire mobile application prototype for Finance training. This project was developed with React Native Framework initially for Android platform and then extended to support iOS platform as well. More.


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