Our most common engagement model is an on-demand project for Test Automation Framework development. Usually client is aware of what they need, and we help implement the solution for them. We have onsite Software Architect and/or Project manager to drive the project requirements. Depending on the client and project needs, actual project development can happen onsite or at our offshore offices.

We also provide Managed QA Services which allow us to work in a more dynamic Agile/Scrum environment – where the requirements are changing frequently or the software product is changing frequently. We provide managed QA services either through T&M basis or through a fixed monthly costs model.

Our typical hourly rates are between $60-$80 per hour. This rate depends upon the automation engineer experience, test framework language, framework complexity and whether the resource is offshore or onsite. The rates mentioned above is a average hourly rate considering all these factors.

Use our which will provide you with a pretty accurate estimate based on your project parameters. You will receive an accurate estimate, few of our recent sample projects and a customized proposal for your project. Why wait,

Its very common for us to enter into a company with a fully established team. We work with existing manual and automation testing team, and carve out a implementation plan that suits the team. We work in Agile-Scrum Sprint cycles and integrate within your Project Management frameworks.

We come up with user stories, estimation points and milestones to define what needs to be accomplished and when it needs to be completed by. And we always meet our deadlines and deliver a well designed Automation software that is both robust and maintainable.

Managed QA Services provide complete peace of mind for all your QA needs. It includes manuals test roles like Test planning, exploratory testing, issue reporting and tracking and release sign-offs, as well as automation test roles such as building Test Automation Framework, Continuous Integration Frameworks and writing Automation testing scenarios.

Managed QA Services provide a very flexible billing model – the resources are allocated on a need-basis and billed on a T&M basis. This allows to scale the QA resources when there is a high need (such as at the end of the QA cycle) – and reduce these costs when there is no QA need.

Yes, absolutely! Since we follow Agile-Scrum principles, we always believe in incremental and demonstrable deliverables. We can work with your existing test infrastructure and frameworks and implement improvements as needed.

Our engineers are specialized in different languages and frameworks. Depending on your project needs, you will get the right resources for the project who can work with you to on pre-existing test automation frameworks and enhance them with new features and test cases as needed.

The language and paradigm to be used for the test framework is less important than having a comprehensive view of what needs to be accomplished. There are several test frameworks in different languages that can be used to achieve the right results for your project.

We have helpful resources on several Test Automation Frameworks we have developed. You can look at our JavaScript based Test Frameworks, Python Based Test Frameworks, Embedded/IOT Test Frameworks, Selenium Based Test Frameworks or BDD/Cucumber based Test Frameworks.

Our primary expertise is in Jenkins, Travis and Gitlab CI systems. However, depending upon your needs, we can also work with other CI systems needed for your project. We also have good experience in CircleCI, Bamboo, TeamCity and Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

Whatever CI system you use – the primary functions that the CI system should provide – are the key aspects of our work. We create a robust process for managing job triggers, staging environments, test reporting, code pipelines and deployments.

Our goal is to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with our project delivery and will re-engage with us in future for further projects. That’s why we provide complete and immediate support after the project is complete. Our support turnaround is within 24 hours.

We also offer Managed QA Services SLA, which support not only to fix any test framework related issues – but also to keep adding new test scenarios, test cases and work on improving test automation process enhancements on a continuous basis.


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