Managed QA Services: FAQs

Managed QA Services mean that an external company (i.e., us!) will take responsibility of entire QA needs for your organization. We will study your products and services, define a test plan that can optimize all your products and services, implement that test plan by writing a robust automation framework for it, and maintain this automation framework on a SLA basis.

This option usually works out more cost-effective than hiring internal employees, because we as consultants bring in many efficiency tools and processes and our extensive test engineering experience to simplify your development environment.

Our engagement models are flexible to work with your needs – we offer monthly Test-as-a-Service subscription plan as well as T&M based Managed QA Services plan which can work for your needs.

We work in Agile/Scrum model with the existing Product and Development teams to provide them Testing, Automation and CI/CD support as needed. We are part of the Sprint planning meetings and come up with user stories that we want to execute on a weekly basis. We are part of retrospectives and collect continuous feedback and improve our processes and deliverables with every Sprint. We either work onsite or from our offices in Denver, CO based on the customer arrangements.

With our Managed QA Solutions, you will get one or more experienced Test Software Architect, Test Automation Engineer, DevOps and CI/CD Engineer  for significantly less cost than hiring them on your own. Contact us for an instant quote and we can provide a customized Managed QA Services plan for your needs.

As many as you want. Usually our clients try to start with one Test Automation resource and one shared Software Architect/Management resource for initial projects. As we build trust and take over more responsibilities, we can bring more people as needed for your project.

We provide local US based resources from our Denver, CO office. We also have an offshore team in Mumbai, India and can provide offshore resources – especially for manual testing purposes.

For our Denver or Boulder based clients, yes – we do provide on-premise Managed QA Services. For other cities in the US, we can provide managed QA resources that are on-premise up to 1 week a month on travel.

The costs are dependent upon number of resources, their experience and the planned usage for those resources. Usually our average hourly rates are between $60-$80 per hour.

Managed QA Services vs Hiring Internally

Our Managed QA Resources are flexible, on-demand and highly experienced to take on your project needs. We have been working in Test Automation field for 8+ years and have solved all types of complex problems.

What is Managed QA?

Managed QA provides complete peace of mind solution for all your QA needs. We would take over as your complete QA management team. We work on test plans, test implementations, CI/CD frameworks as well as bug tracking and reporting. We work with your development team and provide all QA services that a internal QA resource would provide.

Would you be more expensive than a internal QA resource?

Our Managed QA Resources are experienced in multiple domains – Test Engineering, Automation, CI/CD, DevOps and Project Management. What you get from us is a solution for Test-as-a-Service which would be hard to replicate internally. Our prices are still comparable to internal hire resources – but our work product is usually 200% of any internal resources. We have impeccable references from all our previous work which will attest to this.

What’s included in the Managed QA Service?

Our services included a comprehensive test plan and strategy for testing, a robust Test Automation framework, Automation Scenarios written during each Sprint, a CI/CD framework, Integrated Agile team development, Weekly status reports, defects and bug tracking etc. Basically everything a Manual QA + Automation QA + DevOps engineer would do – our single resource will handle all of it.


Recent Projects and Case Studies

We have worked on over a 40 QA automation frameworks in the last few years and below are few of our recent case studies. Our strong expertise is in QA automation framework development using Python, JavaScript and Java.


QA Automation Framework for Embedded Web App and REST APIs.


Our Team worked with the client to create a web-application and corresponding QA Automation Framework for an embedded sensors device. The web-app was developed with Angular5, HTML/BootStrap; and corresponding QA Automation Framework was developed using Python, Selenium and BDD. More.


QA Automation Framework for SaaS web-service for Medical Policy Management


MCN Healthcare provides medical policy management services. Our team to develop an QA automation framework for their primary product – Policy Manager. As part of this effort, we implemented an end-to-end Test Automation and a CI/CD Framework, allowing MCN to reduce QA time substantially. More.


Secure Cloud Sharing Web Application and Test Framework


ZFyre is a Longmont based startup providing enterprise cloud data storage solutions. Our team designed, developed and published their secure MVP app. This app included data compression using ZStd, custom security encryptions and RackSpace API integrations. This web application was developed in Angular and BootStrap on Front End. Backend was developed using NodeJS and MongoDB. More.


Student Finance Mobile App and Test Framework


MVP Finance is a Longmont based startup providing educational software in Finance field to different colleges. Our team developed the entire mobile application prototype for Finance training. This project was developed with React Native Framework initially for Android platform and then extended to support iOS platform as well. More.


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